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Popping Candy

Popping candy are candies in a form of fine crystals (0.5 – 4.5 mm), saturated with carbon dioxide under high atmospheric pressure. When in contact with moisture, gas is released from fine crystals of popping candies and candies start “popping” and “bursting” giving audible sound effect. Especially amusing is when popping candy is placed in mouth.  Popping candy were discovered in the 60-ties and widely launched onto the market in the 80-ties of the 20th century. Thanks to its properties and growing popularity (especially among children) its production and products range is it used in is increasing every year. Popping candy is offered ready for direct consumption, i.e. in sachets (popping candy in a sachet, popping candy + a lollipop in a sachet, popping candy + a chewing gum in a sachet) and as an additive in confectionery industry.

Especially popular and recommended popping candy’s applications are:

  • chocolates,
  • ice-cream toppings,
  • chocolate balls,
  • fruit yoghurts (in containers on top),
  • cereal,
  • candyfloss, etc.

Depending on application popping candy is offered in various forms: granules from 0.5 to 4.5 mm, any colour and aroma. Additionally coated forms are also available – may be chocolate coated as well – protecting popping candy against too fast “popping” in highly moisturised products.  Many-year scientific research on popping candy proved that this product is absolutely safe for human health.

Caramel flakes

Caramel flakes may have, depending on type, various flavour profiles, so we are able to offer the following flavours: caramel, creamy-butter, milky-butter, salty-butter. Caramel flakes is varying in size as well (0,5-8 mm).

They can be used as toppings or fillings. We also offer caramel flakes resistant to high temperatures – suitable for baking.

Application: chocolates, sweets, milk desserts, ice-cream, cookies.


Anti-foaming agents

Raw materials for winemaking

We supply winemaking industry with yeast and excipients:

  • yeast,
  • yeast nutritient,
  • bentonite,
  • activated carbon.

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