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Thickeners and stabilizers

Our offer contains various types of thickeners and stabilizers, like: gelatins, acacia gums and dietary fibres.


We are a representative of German producer – Ewald Gelatine. We offer the following gelatin types:

  • Gelatin powder:
    – 240 bloom
    – 280 bloom
  • BIO quality gelatin (ORGANIC)
  • Leaf gelatin

Gelatin sheets is a standardized product, irrespectively of the sheet’s weight gelling power remains the same.   It is easily and fast soluble – no lumps are present in the solution. Gelatin shall be solved in small amount of water before adding.

Dietary fibers


Healthy prebiotic dietary fibre

Fibregum™ product line contains fully natural dietary fibre based on 100% acacia gum.
High solubility and low viscosity Fibregum ™ is easy to use in many applications and enhances health benefits of such products like: beverages, cereal bars, breadstuff, dairy products, nutraceuticals.

• nutritional and healthcare benefits of acacia gum,

  • proven bifidogenic effect,
  • stimulation of beneficial short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production,
  • high intestinal tolerance at dose up to 50 g / day,
  • low calorie,
  • safe for teeth.

More about the product: klik


Innovative nutritional  stabiliser and texturiser

Equacia™ is a component composed of acacia gum fibre and gluten-free, insoluble wheat fibre. It is specially developed to imitate fat texture and reduce sugar content, enriching food products with dietary fibre.
Equacia ™ requires no heating to be activated and it develops its unique smooth texture directly after solving it in water. It is highly resistant to wide ranges of pH, temperatures and processing conditions.

Key advantages:

  • natural ingredient of exceptional organoleptic and nutritional properties,
  • source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre,
  • excellent fat substitute,
  • extends shelf life.


Prebiotic dietary fibre

Floracia ™ was produced from synergic combination of two dietary fibres: long chain acacia polysaccharides and short chain fructooligosaccharides (FOS).
That original formula combines two prebiotical actions for complete health care of digestive tract.


  • improvement of gut microbiota efficiency;
  • high tolerance in digestive tract.

Acacia gum (gum arabic)


Instantgum™ is a full range of purified, selected instant acacia gum suitable for various functionalities.   Depending on origin of acacia gum, InstantGum ™ offers specific properties.


– Ensures excellent taste retention, stability and shelf life,

–  Adapted to a wide scope of functionalities.


Available grades:

– Instantgum™ BA and BB:

Film-forming and emulsifying properties for spray encapsulation of oil-soluble materials.
Anti-crystallization, stabilising, texturizing properties in various confectionery applications (sugar-free chewing gums, tablets, pastilles, jelly, etc.)

– Instangum ™ SC10, AC & MB:

Anti-crystallization, flavour-improving, texturizing properties in various confectionery applications.

– Instantgum ™ AA AP:

Emulsifying and stabilizing properties suitable for oil in water type emulsions.


Encapcia™ is a compound of natural acacia gums, purified and processed to instant form through innovative and patented technology. It offers improved emulsifying properties and better thin films forming capacity.

Encapcia ™ is a medium for spray encapsulation of sensitive compounds materials, like essential oils, omega 3 oils, vitamins, colours, etc.

Encapcia ™ may also be used for water-soluble products drying (extracts, juices, polyols, etc.), in order to reduce their hydroscopic properties.


  • Enables high oil content to be used in powder, up to 30-35%;
  • Especially efficient in difficult encapsulation processes (highly concentrated natural colours and vitamins or nutraceutics);
  • Provides excellent taste retention, stability and shelf life,
  • Provides high costs savings with regard to wide application range.


Coatingum ™ is a range of purified acacia gums destined for adhesion or preliminary coating of confectionery products, like nuts, chewing gums and chocolates.
While coating Coatingum™ forms a film around the centre, which improves mechanical strength and resistance to temperature, protects against moisture and oxidation, prevents fat migration and contributes to forming and unifying homogenous coating.


  • full scope including all types of adhesion and coating,
  • provides long-lasting and stable durability of finished products,
  • ready to use,
  • production costs savings.

Available grades
– Coatingum ™ L
– Coatingum ™ M


Efistab ™ is a range of purified acacia gums for immediate solutions. It is a natural product, preservatives-free, using very advanced filtrated wines purifying process.

– taste improvement by decreasing bitterness,
– colour stabilization,
– easy to use before or after filtration,
– easy to store.

Efistab ™ is approved by oenological codex and meets the latest standards.

Available grades:
– Efistab ™ S – developed especially for stabilization of white and sparkling wines
– Efistab ™ R – developed especially for stabilization of red wines


Unique emulsifier

• 100% natural acacia gum, without any change of marking,

  • 60-75% reduction level,
  • easy to use,
  • compatible with all kinds of ingredients,
  • excellent microbiology.


Natural stabilizer for food emulsifying.

Eficacia ™ is naturally purified form of acacia gum with the highest emulsifying properties; it is obtained through innovative process. Eficacia ™ is in instant form, therefore it solves easily allowing for quick and pure processing.


  • two to three times more efficient than traditional acacia gum,
  • easy in use and energy saving in production process,
  • low viscosity,
  • excellent stability of pH, alcohol, even in the presence of synthetic colours,
  • high quality emulsion,
  • natural, chemicals free, GMO free.

Stabilizers mixes


A range of natural, cold soluble texturizing stabilizers

Thixogum ™ products are wholly natural hydrocoloids selected with regard to their unique stabilizing and texturizing properties. Easily dispersible, cold water soluble, loose, free of any dust powders.

– disperses immediately in cold water,
– neutral taste, odour and colour,
– stable in acidic and neutral media,
– easy adding to liquid or dry mixtures.

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