Free From Food & Health Ingredients Expo 2022

In November 2022 part of our Sales Team took part in Free From Food & Health Ingredients Expo in Amsterdam. The event itself is divided into several segments, covering 'Free From', 'Plant-based', 'Vegan', 'Healthy', 'Organic', 'Functional' and 'Ingredients'. Such a clear division sums up to a very essential and focused trade event.

Our goal for FFF Expo was also very clear and focused on one of our products: Crisp Yeast.

What is Crisp Yeast? In fact, it is a very interesting solution for:

  • addition to soups, salads, sandwiches, dressings, meat, poultry and dairy products
  • source of a distinctive cheese flavour to dairy-free dishes, including vegan – plant-based – substitutes for dairy products
  • salt substitute in dishes such as soups, salads, breadcrumbs, breakfast spreads etc.
  • crunchy alternative to greaves/bacon, croutons, choux pastry balls, roasted onions, flakes and nuts
  • excellent component of breakfast cereal products, e.g. muesli and granola
  • ingredient which gives the desired lightness to all kinds of sandwich spreads

You'll find more information about the product here. And some more info here. And also here 🙂

And if you prefer listetning or watching to reading, here's an interview with Malgorzata Jurska, our Customer Service Manager, who explained in detail everything one needs to know about the Crisp Yeast brand:

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