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Liposovit®-C DIRECT

Continuing the innovative technology of enclosing the active ingredients in nano-lipid molecules, we created a granulated form of liposomal vitamin C, dedicated to be used in fast dissolving products or for direct consumption. Liposovit®- C DIRECT is characterized by increased bioavailability compare to standard vitamin C, which effectively supports our immune system.

Liposovit®-Mg DIRECT

Granulated form of liposomal magnesium significanitly improves the effectiveness of magnesium supplementation in fast-dissolving products and/or formulas intended for direct consumption. Liposovit®-Mg Direct contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, normal energy-yielding metabolism and reducing feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
BART is a Polish producer of natural colours, flavours, emulsions and liposomal vitamins. BART offers also colouring foodstuffs, colouring blends and a wide range of ingredients – including botanical extracts - for different food sectors. In our offer we focus on cost-effective, clean label solutions, tailored to our customers needs.

Our mission

  • Mission is becoming a leader in ingredients and additives for food and pharmaceutical industry. We keep pursuing that position delivering high quality products to our customers at best prices and investing in constant development and innovative solutions.

  • HIGH QUALITY – experienced workers, specialised machinery and best raw materials warrant our customers’ satisfaction.

  • FLEXIBILITY - observation and adaptation to market trends as well as careful listening to our customers’ suggestions let us meet diverse requirements.

  • DEVELOPMENT – we pay special attention to development-oriented activities – they let us create new products and develop own production facilities.

News and events

Polagra Food 2016

On 26-29 September 2016 we participated in Polagra Food tradeshow. Bart is an exhibitor on Polagra every year. This year, we presented you our new exhibition stand and new products in our offer. We invite you to watch the promotional video from the fair.

Worldfood Warsaw 2016

On 19-21 April 2016 we participated in the fair Worldfood Warsaw (III INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF FOOD AND DRINKS EXPO XXI Warsaw). Worldfood Warsaw was the perfect occasion to present our top products and speak to our regular customers as well as to meet the new ones.

FI Europe 2015

On 1-3 December 2015 we participated in FI Europe trades in Paris.

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