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Liposomal Vitamins and Minerals

Liposovit®-ADEK Junior DIRECT

Liposovit®-ADEK Junior DIRECT is an innovative dietary supplement for children and adolescents with unique properties. Selection of active substances combined with innovative liposomal technology and the knowledge of scientists and technologists allowed to obtain a product that is effective and highly safe.

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Liposovit®-B12 is a liposomal form of biologically active methylcobalamin (MeCbl). This innovative solution increases the bioavailability of MeCbl in comparison with its conventional form and significantly broadens the application possibilities of the product.

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Liposovit®-C DIRECT

Our latest product - liposomal vitamin C in granulated form - Liposovit®-C DIRECT is dedicated to be used either in sachets for dissolution or for direct consumption. The main advantages of the granulated, liposomal form are:

  • lower hygroscopicity,
  • easier and faster dissolution,
  • increased flowability,
  • reduced dusting of the product,
  • convenient dosing.

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Liposomal vitamin C (Liposovit®-C) is a product that combines the highest quality and the latest technology developed to break the body’s absorption barriers. The closure of vitamin C inside the liposome molecule determines its high bioavailability and stability. The unique, liposomal form enables targeted transport, which ensures easy penetration of vitamin C into the cells.

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Thanks to the innovative Liposovit®-Curcumin technology involving encapsulation of natural curcumin in liposomes and subjecting the obtained product to the drying process, the objective limitations in the possibility of wide use of this hydrophobic active substance as an ingredient of dietary supplements have been overcome.

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Using the innovative technology of enclosing the active substance in nano-lipid molecules. Liposovit®-D3 is a product that combines the highest quality and maximum action. The unique liposomal coating helps bypass digestive barriers, protects vitamin D3 from damage and transports vitamin D3 directly to the body's cells. Thanks to the modern formula, liposomal vitamin D3 is characterized by increased bioavailability and stability, which effectively supports our health.

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Liposovit®-D3 VEGAN

Liposovit®-D3 VEGAN has increased absorption capacities and higher bioavailability. Thanks to this more effective supplementation, our state-of the art and fully biocompatible product will effectively support the proper functioning of the body.

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Liposovit®-Fe is liposomal iron (bisglycinate) in powder form. The product responds to the growing interest in effective iron supplementation, especially among women of childbearing age, vegetarians and vegans (lower bioavailability of iron contained in plant products), people on elimination diets and athletes.

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Liposovit®-Mg Direct

Liposovit®-Mg DIRECT is a granulated form of liposomal magnesium, combining the advantages of lipid nanocarriers of active substances and the benefits of granules. Consequently, it makes it possible to significantly improve the effectiveness of magnesium supplementation in fast-dissolving products and/or formulas intended for direct consumption.

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Liposovit®-Mg is a powdered liposomal magnesium, obtained thanks to an innovative technology developed in order to break absorption barriers in the body. Magnesium is enclosed inside the liposomal vesicle, which determines its high bioavailability

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Liposovit®-K2 is a liposomal menaquinone-7 (MK-7) obtained during natural fermentation. This fat-soluble vitamin is not synthesized by humans, hence high-quality dietary supplements are its important source. The innovative technological solution we used increases the stability and bioavailability of menaquinone-7 compared to its conventional form and significantly expands the product's application possibilities. Liposovit®-K2 is recommended for supporting the body in maintaining normal blood clotting and maintaining normal bones.

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Liposovit®-Zn is liposomal zinc (citrate) in powder form, obtained through the use of innovative technology designed to break down the body’s absorption barriers. The product we have developed stands out through its high functional activity, significantly increased – compared to liquid liposomal suspensions – storage stability and convenience of use.

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