For dietary supplements we also offer products like:

  • natural caffeine
  • bovine collagen type I hydrolyzed, poultry collagen type II hydrolyzed, native poultry collagen type II, fish collagen type I hydrolyzed
  • royal jelly
  • shark liver oil, cod liver oil
  • omega 18% EPA, 12% DHA
  • simethicone- powder, liquid
  • silymarin (in the form of a powder; from milk thistle extract)
  • black garlic extract
  • oat betaglucan
  • natural colours- powder and liquid
  • flavours
  • hydrolyzed vegetable proteins from peas, rice, wheat and sesame (Prothy by Nexira) with protein content up to 80%

Agnieszka Pasiorowska
Sales Manager

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