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vitamin K2

Osteoporosis and heart diseases constitute a serious public health issue. Lately published studies on special form of vitamin K2, called menaquinone-7 (MK7), have proven its unique effects and potential beneficial impact on hearth diseases and bone metabolism.

Vitamin K2 in MK7 form is a key factor controlling calcium management in body.

Insufficient level of vitamin K2 (MK7) leads to decrease of bone mineral density (osteoporosis) and calcium accumulation in arteries walls, causing atherosclerosis and raising the risk of heart disease.  The producer of vitaMK7 is Italian biotechnology engineering company – Gnosis.

Vitamin K2 belongs to Novel food category. VitaMK7® is EFSA and European Committee authorised and approved for use in the European Union.

  • It is the most advanced vitamin K2 (MK7) available in the market:
    It is produced in patented biofermentation process using Bacillus subtilis ssp Natto, which are the only bacteria responsible for the production of natural vitamin K2 in Natto Food.
  • Bacillus subtilis Natto applied in vitaMK7 production was separated from Japan dish Natto Food (producer of Natto – Mitzkan Co Ltd., Japan)
  • Gnosis uses no other strains of Bacillus bacteria for K2 production (e.g. Bacillus Licheniforis used for production of K2 derivatives).
  • vitaMK7® is produced in completely natural way without any use of chemical solvents.
  • vitaMK7® (natural vitamin K2) contains > 99 % all-trans menaquinone-7.
  • -vitaMK7® is the purest vitamin K2 available on the market – > 99 % HPLC in comparison to 95 % for synthetic or crystalline K2.
  • -All the clinical studies that have been published till now were carried out with K2(MK7) developed by bacillus subtilis spp. Natto.
  • -The latest monograph of American Pharmacopoeia, USP recommends K2 as the suitable source of vitamin K2(MK7) derived from Bacillus subtilis sp Natto as a result of over-critical CO2 extraction. The only producer worldwide who meets a new menaquinone-7 definition developed by USP is Gnosis with its vitaMK7.

Available concentrations:
– powders: 1000 ppm, 2000 ppm, 2500 ppm, 10000 ppm,
– oil forms:  1500 ppm (in sunflower or soybean oil), 4500 ppm (in olive oil).

  • vitaMK7 olive oil – Gnosis has separate clinical studies on K2(MK7) suspended in olive oil. Research has proven that olive oil of defined parameters significantly improve K2 efficiency in terms of carboxylation of osteocalcin. VitaMK7 olive oil has health claim for both K2 and olive oil.

beta-caroten (provitamin A)

Extrafolate® – Calcium L methylfolate 5 MTHF-Ca

Term “folates” is used for vitamins of B group and it is a common term for a number of chemical forms which demonstrate similar biological activity to folic acid. People are not able to synthesise folic acid in their bodies, so they must absorb it from such food like green leafy vegetables, fruit and some legumes. However, folates which are naturally present in food are receptive to oxidation and folate losses may occur during food processing, production and storage. Therefore, adding folates to food aims at compensating these losses. Irrespectively whether the food contains natural or artificially synthesised folates, they are metabolised to levomefolic acid considered to be active form of folic acid.

Extrafolate® is a calcium salt (6R, S) of levomefolic acid. It may be used as alternative for folates supplementation, reducing homocysteine level and reinforcing regular cells proliferation, functions of vascular endothelium, cardiovascular system and nervous system. It is particularly recommended to be taken before and during pregnancy as it prevents many congenital disorders, including neural tube defects (spine, skull and brain deformation).

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As folic acid cannot be stored in body in large amounts, eating products rich in folates may supply recommended daily intake. Unbalanced diet, specific physiological conditions (pregnancy and lactation, malabsorption, adolescence) and some medications, may cause deficiencies of folic acid that requires supplementation.

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