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As the representative of Nexira we are able to offer a number of unique products of this French producer.


Healthy prebiotic dietary fibre

Fibregum™ product line contains fully natural dietary fibre based on 100% acacia gum.
High solubility and low viscosity Fibregum ™ is easy to use in many applications and enhances health benefits of such products like: beverages, cereal bars, breadstuff, dairy products, nutraceuticals.

• nutritional and healthcare benefits of acacia gum,

  • proven bifidogenic effect,
  • stimulation of beneficial short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production,
  • high intestinal tolerance at dose up to 50 g / day,
  • low calorie,
  • safe for teeth.

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Healthy lipophilic dietary fibre

NeOpuntiaTM is 100% natural ingredient derived from dried cactus leaves (Opuntia ficus indica). Apart from lipophylic properties (ability to interact with fats) NeOpuntiaTM proves also beneficial influence on lipids concentration in blood.


  • 100% natural, organic and kosher, ecologically certified,
  • published scientific studies, EFSA claims pending <(Ref. ID 2733):  Supports slimming. Absorbs fat and sugar. Helps to control glucose level. Control/decrease appetite. Contributes to fat metabolism, which helps weight control. Helps in weight control programs by reducing appetite and calorie intake.>
  • application: pills, capsules,
  • active dose: 1.6 g after plentiful meal.


  • supports weight control – reduces fat absorption by 28%,
  • patented lipophilic activity,
  • helps to control lipids concentration in blood

Published clinical research* has proven that NeOpuntiaTM has positive influence on controlling lipids concentration in blood. Combined with well-balanced diet, a dose of 1.6 g of NeOpuntia TM after each meal helps to:

  • reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level,
  • increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level,
  • reduce triglycerides level.

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Innovative cactus fruit extract

Cacti-NeaTM is innovative cactus fruit extract of antioxidising and water retention preventing properties. Cacti-NeaTM is 100% natural, organic and clinically tested.


  • highly assimilable antioxidant,
  • strong diuretic properties maintaining the balance of K/Na minerals at the same time,
  • two clinical tests and one published in-vivo test,
  • water soluble powder of nice fruit taste,
  • can be used in functional beverages and dietary supplements,
  • application: drinks, sachets, pills, capsules,
  • recommended dose: 1 to 2g/day.


  • reduction of heavy legs feeling and swollen feet/ankles/calves,
  • reduction of water-based cellulite,
  • contributes to slimming through detoxification and elimination of excess liquids.

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Contributes to weight control

iD-aIGTM is an extract from brown algae supporting slimming. Seaweed, the Id-alG (Ascophyllum nodosum) is derived from are rich in long chain polyphenols called phlorotannins.

  • up to 54% of lipase activity blocked
  • up to 58% of amylase activity blocked


  • blocker of fat and carbohydrates,
  • natural source of essential nutrients,
  • may be used in dietary supplements,
  • available clinical test, EFSA claims pending <(Ref. ID 2226) : “Used to facilitate the weight loss in addition to dietetic measures” / “Helps to lose weight in addition to dietetic measures” / “Contributes to loose weight in addition to dietetic measures”. >
  • application: pills, capsules,
  • recommended dose: 400 mg/day.


  • loss of body mass (clinical test)

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Natural, healthy and efficient dietary supplementation for sportsmen

ViNitrox ™ was developed by Nexira to respond to the requirements of sportsmen looking for natural dietary supplements.


  • better muscles efficiency,
  • overcoming fatigue threshold,
  • increasing nitrogen oxide concentration in body contributing to better blood-supply and muscles enlargement,
  • strong antioxidative properties – catches free radicals arising as a result of oxidative stress during and after work-out,
  • product dedicated to people exercising bodybuilding and fitness,
  • clinical research available.

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For the health of your joints

Osteol ™ contains selected milk proteins enhancing and supplementing glucosamine and chondroitin for joints protection. Clinical and in vivo tests have proven its joint health improving potential.


  • – natural ingredient from bioactive milk proteins,
  • – contributes to increasing efficiency of traditional joint health formulas,
  • – easy to use in dietary supplements, functional food and beverages.

Widely spread research works have proven that Osteol ™ may:

  • improve protection of chondrocytes up to 95%,
  • reduce inflammatory factors to 92%,
  • significantly reduce pain sensation,
  • protect cartilage against degeneration.

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Unique source of organic olives

Oli-Ola ™ is olive extract rich in hydroxytyrosol, very strong form of polyphenols.


  • water soluble powder,
  • suitable to be used in functional food and dietary supplements,
  • warranted content of 3% of hydroxytyrosol.
  • poliphenols content > 45%,
  • reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level, protecting its fractions against oxidation and adhesion to endothelium of blood vessels.
  • Dose: 150-300 mg/day.

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Grapes and apple extract, standardized to polyphenols, enriched with saffron extract


  • natural and safe solution for erection problems,
  • increases nitrogen oxide concentration in body contributing to better blood-supply and muscles enlargement,
  • increases body tolerance for effort,
  • saffron is an extract used as aphrodisiac in natural medicine.

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Strengthening immunity


  •      strengthens the intestinal barrier
  •     improves immunity.
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Benefit of cranberry

Exocyan ™ is exceptional type of cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon) – essence of small fruit cultivated in America. Exocyan ™ products line is standardised to proanthocyanidins, a type of flavonoids of antioxidative properties.


  • rich source of anthocyanidins,
  • strong antioxidant,
  • supports urinary tracts and prevents infections,
  • low saccharose and low acidity,
  • supports health of oral cavity, stomach and intestines.

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The power of sage
  • unique blend of encapsulated sage oil (Salvia lavandulifolia) and powdered sage aqueous extract (Salvia officinalis),
  • 5 published clinical studies that have shown beneficial effects of Cognivia to ability to concentrate and memory,
  • animal studies demonstrates a positive effect on the long-term memory, either in a single dose and the long-poly,
  • mechanism of action: Cognivia inhibit acetylcholinesterase and thereby increase the duration of action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine,
  • powder soluble in water, with a pleasant smell of sage,
  • possible use in food supplements (sachets, tablets, capsules).
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